About Us

The Workforce Development Center is a unique strategic alliance of business, government and education. The most important feature of The Workforce Development Center is that it was created in response to an identified need by the community at large. It is a lifelong resource to all job seekers, both present and future, and a means to help businesses meet their short- and long-term workforce development needs.

WIOA Local Plan [PDF - 12.7MB]

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  • Customer Focused Services: We will consider everyone who contacts the Workforce Development Center a customer and deserving of a quality response and/or service. Our primary customers are employers and job seekers. Meeting their needs will continue to be the focus of every transaction.
  • Integration of Service Delivery: We will plan, coordinate and provide services to maximize the utilization of resources To assure the Workforce Development Center will be competitive for future initiatives, we will continuously enhance our integrated delivery system.
  • Seamless Delivery System: To achieve a seamless delivery, we will be creative, responsive and flexible in providing customer services and in facilitating connections to needed services.
  • Market Driven System: We will develop new initiatives and improve our delivery system based on changes in the market affecting our customers.
  • Consensus Management: We will continue to make decisions by consensus at all levels of the organization to promote trust, ownership, and teamwork among the partners.
  • Commitment to Partnership: We will the strengths of the individual partners contribute to the greater strength of the partnership. Fostering the partnership is vital to the dynamic evolution of the Workforce Development Centers.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement: Our workgroups will use Total Quality Management (TQM) methods to continuously improve services for customers.